Introducing the Raa Series: A Dance of Sun and Moon at Exhale Art Gallery!

Laura & Aaron Metz - Exhale Art Gallery Founders

Written by Exhale Art Gallery

September 28, 2023

We’re beyond excited to share a sneak peek of our newly re-merchandised gallery, which is now featuring the enchanting and harmonious Raa Series!

🌿 Celebrate the Season with Us!
As the leaves descend, our gallery becomes a sanctuary adorned with pieces that bring forth the radiant dance between the sun and the moon—infused in unity within every spectacular piece.

🌟 Dive Deep into the #RaaSeries!
Witness ethereal design harmoniously infused with golden flows and Selenite Ice crystal, celebrating celestial energies of both sun and moon. The series offers a tranquil and balanced vibe, revered for its healing vibrations since ancient times, warding off negativity and bringing serene vibes into every space.

🕰️ Join Us from 10 am – 5 pm!
Experience the transformative energies of the Raa Series and immerse yourself in celestial harmony this season! Whether it’s the golden rays of the sun or the gentle glow of the moon, let your senses be enveloped with art that’s not just seen but deeply felt and experienced.

🎥 Visit our website to witness the celestial dance and unity of light within the Raa Series and let us know which piece resonates with your soul!

📍 6365 Main Street, Oliver, BC
⏰ Open Thursday through Monday: 10 am – 5 pm

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Raa 47 - Exhale Art Gallery
Raa 48 - Exhale Art Gallery
Raa 55 - Exhale Art Gallery

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