Cosmic Circuitry:

A Teotihuacan Odyssey

Unveiling the Cosmos within Teotihuacan: A Journey from Idea to Reality

In the cosmic dance of inspiration and creation, the genesis of Cosmic Circuitry: A Teotihuacan Odyssey sprang from an unexpected marriage between a modern computer circuit board and the ancient wonders of the Teotihuacan Pyramid complex in Mexico. The juxtaposition was uncanny, and as a crystal and cosmic artist entrenched in the world of blockchain, a profound concept took root – a fine art piece that seamlessly melds the intricacies of an ancient civilization, a crystalline computer circuit board, and the vast cosmos, thereby forging a bridge between realms.

After conceptualizing this piece over 2 years, the meticulous journey commenced in October 2023 with a harmonious alignment of time, passion, and purpose. Armed with a fervor for bridging ancient wisdom with contemporary innovation, the first step involved an exhaustive search for images, maps, and historical data on the Teotihuacan complex. A map, segmenting the complex into 12 equal sections, became the blueprint precisely mapped out to scale on a 2-foot by 6-foot wooden cradled panel.

Drawing inspiration from the precise measurements of the pyramids and sacred temples, the exact dimensions were etched onto circuit boards. Each computer component was sourced, disassembled, and lavishly hand-painted with four layers of rich gold mica paint, infusing the components with cosmic resonance.

The Avenue of the Dead, a central feature, materialized with gold computer connectors and Satin Spar Selenite Crystal from Morocco lining the edges. This crystalline avenue, powered by the ethereal essence of Selenite Ice Crystal, connected the components, replacing traditional wiring and initiating a complete crystalline connection

As a nod to the historical context of Teotihuacan, crushed Obsidian from Mexico adorned the outer edges of the Avenue of the Dead. The pièce de résistance came with the infusion of over 15 pounds of Selenite Ice Crystal, sourced personally from Jalisco, Mexico, grounding the artwork in the ancient energy of the region.

Mica, akin to that found within the Teotihuacan Pyramids and sourced from Brazil, brought a layer of cosmopolitan essence, mirroring the historic origins of the complex.

Obsidian crystal Mexico
Selenite Ice Crystal Mexico

Enter the alchemical dance of non-toxic epoxy – the binder of past, present, and future. The first deep pour saturated the artwork, a cosmic marriage of gold mica ink and crushed Selenite Ice Crystal, initiating the ethereal flow and the inception of merging dimensions. Subsequent layers, each conscientiously crafted with Obsidian, mica, and Selenite Ice Crystal, crystallized the energies into a cohesive whole.

A final flood coat, shaped with 45-degree beveled edges, encapsulated the artwork in a harmonious contour, dispersing light internally and revealing the crystalline dimension within. The completed masterpiece, weighing 58.8 pounds, is secured with an earthquake-proof drywall hanging system, embodying the raw power of gold and the crystalline structure.

Cosmic Circuitry: A Teotihuacan Odyssey - Aaron K Metz Artist

Beyond its aesthetic allure, this artwork holds healing properties, a testament to the artist’s specialization in incorporating Selenite Ice Crystal. Lab results from South Korea confirm its status as the second-highest vibrating substance on Earth, absorbing harmful EMFs and converting them into healthy Negative Ions. This unique feature aids in natural serotonin production within the body which contributes to anxiety relief, reduced headaches, improved sleep, and enhanced digestion.

The artwork represents the inaugural piece of the “Nexaurum Series,” a groundbreaking collection available exclusively through blockchain. Each piece comes with a 1/1 NFT, an immutable certificate of authenticity, encompassing international shipping and delivery of the original artwork. As the series unfolds, Cosmic Circuitry stands as a testament to the fusion of ancient wisdom, crystal technology, spirituality, and blockchain, inviting dialogue and appreciation in any collection. It is more than a creation; it is a bridge across epochs, a conversation starter, and a sanctuary of balance and ease in the world of fine art with benefits.

Teotihuacan listing 1.2
Teotihuacan listing 1